Welcome to Summit Fitness of Pecatonica


 I have Lupus and because of that I was always tired. I knew I had to do something to improve my energy and to lose weight and finally in the middle of February 2012 I had my "Ah ha" moment and decided it was time. Thank goodness Summit was here in Pecatonica or I may never have taken that first step.

When I started coming to Summit, I could only walk for 5 minutes at 2 miles per hour before I had to stop and rest. Now I do a mile in under 15 minutes - running part of the time at 5 miles per hour! I can hardly believe the difference….

Because of my Lupus, I started very slowly. I had to work on building my stamina and strength. For me, if I overdo and get too tired I will be down for days - so slow and steady was the plan. I walked twice a day - before and after work. I also worked a little bit on the machines. After
a couple of weeks, I felt I was ready to work with a trainer. I started working with Beth for 30 minutes twice a week. It was so hard but after 6 weeks, Beth said I was ready to increase my time so we went for 45 minutes twice a week. In September I started working with her for one hour twice a week. Is it hard? Yes!!! But I can do so much now that I would never have believed I would ever be able to do. In fact when I do a new exercise Beth often reminds me that I would not have been able to do that exercise when I first started. She pushes me and I love her for it.

Not only am I stronger but I have lost almost 90 pounds. I still have a ways to go but if you had told me back nine months ago that I would be where I am and able to do what I can do - I would not have believed you. I still work out twice a day most days and I keep pushing myself. No one else is going to get this done for me and no one else is going to get this done for you so please come down and join us.

My time at Summit has been incredible. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has been welcoming, kind and encouraging. I have never been made to feel uncomfortable by anyone - employee or member. It is a great place and we are lucky to have it here in our little town.

Lori C.